Softmer ear spray is a 50ml valve-pocket spray of pure sea water at physiological pH (6) with fast and gentle microdiffusion.

Softmer ear spray
- liquefies the cerumen and restores its evacuating properties
- helps the lubrication process of the cerumen, preventing ear canal drying and itching (known as asteatosis)
- helps preventing plugs and the need for having them extracted by a medical specialist
- helps the antibacterial and antifungal role of the cerumen, thanks to the presence of dissolved CO2 which reinforces the antibacterial properties (bacteriostatic Gram+ and Gram-) of natural sea water

Indications: for regular ear hygiene. It is particularly recommended to prevent plugs in case of risk of alteration of the natural evacuation process of the cerumen: people who produce too much cerumen, elderly people, users of anti-noise earplugs, users of headphones, people exposed to pressure variations (plane, mountain, diving, etc.), users of hearing instruments.

For adults and children above 30 months of age.

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